Woodlands Soap Co.


Small Batch Soap handmade in the uSA

Bar soap inspired by the lush forests and landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, from the scents to the mountain tops on the bars, they never lose focus of what inspires them everyday - the peaks and valleys of the PNW.

My Involvement

Creative Direction, Digital Marketing, Product Photography, e-Comm Design,
Social Media, and Packaging.


House of Soap

brand Identity

Woodlands Soap Company draws inspiration from nature and the outdoors. The a-frame cabin represents an elevated camping experience. Woodlands Soap Co. sells elevated bar soap for $8 to $10 USD - similar the a-frame cabin providing individuals with a luxurious connection to nature.


See The Scent


Marketing Photography

Imaging the soap with the natural elements of which it is scented after helps visually communicate the scent without having a physical bar in hand. It also helps communicate the organic, natural, and outdoors aesthetic that is part of this brands story.


Shop The Bar

Product Imaging

The marketing images educated and engage the customer to visit the online store. On the store the bars are now imaged in isolation. This focuses the customer on the details and textures the bar has to offer in addition to creating an elevated more luxurious shopping experience.




Direct to Consumer


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